Dear Daughter,

An Open Letter to Em I’m sharing… Someday, I hope she reads it and realizes how she is one of the strongest young ladies, women in general, that I know.

My Dear Emelie,

I look at you. I see how far you’ve come and what mountains you’ve climbed. You may have paused. Sat down. Cried even. But you never gave up or stopped trying to overcome the difficulties set in your path. Now that you are on the brink of independence and facing the world on your own, I want to stay here watching you. I want to see you set your eye on a goal and dream big. I want to see you then exceed even your own expectations.

Over time, you’ve already learned and understand how life is not fair. Yet, you continue to rise up and push back on a world that struggles to understand you and wants to limit you. You push yourself more than the world dares to dream you can be or wants you to be even. You use the negative voices who ignore you or challenge your resolve or even try to destroy it as motivation and anger to prove them all wrong. By do so, you are my hero. The person I look up too and admire. You, my dear, whether intended or not, are a role model to those around you who face the same unkind and unfair world.

You have risen to these challenges in front of you every day. You’ve learned how to address sensory overloads, to communicate with others, and when you need to take a “time out”. You are continuing to learn your limits, and haven’t stopped pushing them to expand them. You’ve looked your fears head on and told them they WILL NOT run your life. Even when you have the world around you crashing down, you may hunker down, regroup, but then you rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes and stronger than any one ever dared to wonder.

You refuse to see this world as a cruel place. You refuse to see it in black and white and demand your viewpoint include a gray zone to see a bigger picture to understand situations that others may judge without all the facts. You understand that there is always more to a “story” than we know and sometimes we have to love the ones that deserve it the least because they need it the most. You also cheer and root for the underdogs. You also protect those who are unable or struggle to do it for themselves since you see that part of you in them.

Someday, your dreams of today will be tomorrow’s realities. You may change your dreams, but never change who you are. Not for anyone. As long as you are happy, dad and I will ALWAYS be proud of you. We will love you no matter what. All we ask is that you stay true to yourself.

Like I said… you fight for the underdogs. You cheer on the ones who need someone to be their cheerleader. You love the unloved. You care for the uncared for. You fight for those like you who are misunderstood. You embrace and befriend the ones like you who don’t know who to turn to or how to make friends. Because you see shades and pieces of you.

You have started to look back on your childhood and see how you were the underdog. You see how you needed someone to cheer you on when you struggled to understand your world. You felt unlovable. You felt you weren’t worthy of anyone’s love. You felt alone and scared and misunderstood. You struggled to find people to be your friend. You were so lonely. Then the world clicked. It didn’t make sense, but there was a light.

You found your cheerleaders. You found people that wanted into your world and wanted to help you in this world. You learned that we loved you very much and wanted you more than the world would ever know. There are other that love you unconditionally even if you don’t understand it. Even when you push us away… we push back into your world. We refuse to go silently without knowing you know how much we all love you. Does make your life easier? A little but it also means you aren’t facing it alone.

So I will leave you with this, someday realize that you were loved more than you know. We are cheering you on. We will always watch you fly. You will soar and do whatever you set your mind to, as long as you remind yourself of how far you’ve already come. Nothing can hold you back, but yourself. That and how proud of you we are every day. Never disappointed in you.





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