Being a MAC in a PC World

Sometimes this journey is amazing and beautiful. Sometimes it is sad and lonely. Sometimes this journey has no words to explain what it is. Yet, we all do what we have to do, press on.

My heart broke this week for a family I adore. Mom and I have such similar thought processes and are raising our girls to be strong in spite of what the world throws at them, including ignorance.

Her little girl is 9 and while they are working on getting her what she needs she is still working on who she is. I love that she is creative and unique. Yet, someone told their child that they couldn’t play with this girl… because of her autism. There are still people out there that think autism is … contagious and you can catch it from someone with autism.

It’s frustrating to think that we still are dealing with the stigma of don’t touch that person because you might catch their disease. When in fact… autism isn’t even a disease. It’s a mental health issue caused by the brain being wired differently and processing differently. Like the world is a PC world and people with autism are MACs. They can interface and work together but it takes time and work to get to that point. Some software and technicians to get there.

We are those technicians to teach the software to help them work together.

Autism is NOT contagious. But the smile of those kids on the spectrum IS.

J, tell R that Em and I love her just the way she is and will stand by her (and you) to the moon and back.




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