Hope Is Our Journey

We choose to share our story. We choose to share many aspects of our lives. Sometimes it seems like our journey is a piece of cake; no big deal. There are parts of our lives we don’t share though. There is a dark side to our journey too.

Autism isn’t pretty. It’s not all rainbows and sparkles. There is a weight that comes with it. We find there is pressure and frustration from every angle and direction that we try to cope and contend with. The mental and physical exhaustion lead to moments where you collapse in on yourself. The tears that come when you least need them and expect them. Then there is the balancing of keeping your child safe; from physical self harm to the lashing out in a meltdown to the fear of elopement and knowing where your child is and is not.

Yet, while we feel it’s important to share some of that story, that’s not the side of the journey Em wants to share. She’s slowing letting others in on that dark side but she has a very good reason behind her request of the journey we share. She wants others to walk away from our journey with HOPE for theirs. Hope is why she is starting to share where she’s been and how she got to where she is today. She has made hope our journey.

Em is starting to also understand that sometimes we need to learn to pause and reflect before we react. I didn’t realize how much she was getting that message until last week. She wrote this post for Em’s Journey on Facebook. I think it shows amazing growth and maturity for her to realize this now at fourteen and a half. Some people twice her age and more struggle with this exact concept.

She wrote:

HI its Em here. I wanna post this about what’s going on with me! Well I’ve been relisting (*realising) I’ve been letting life get to me to easy and I’ve gotta let go a bit! I have stopped mentally beating myself up! I’m still having a hard time not taking what people say to serious but serious enough to understand what they mean. well that’s all for this week BIA  Em!

Hope! Cling to it. I’m a firm believer in the fact that nothing set in stone as to what their future holds. I’m learning to let her show me where she is going and holding onto hope that she’ll overcome anything in her way.



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