Choices and Medication

For those of you who wonder:

Yes, Em reads or is aware of what’s on the facebook page/blog/twitter.
Every post is within her wishes of what is or isn’t shared. And she does read the comments. Not all the time, but enough to know you are here. Tonight, she posts for you. This is after some tweaking to her meds has taken place and she’s regrouped from the chaos and situation earlier this week. I have a post I’m working on as to this subject as well. ~  Jenn


So we worked on my meds. It seems to be helping a little bit. I want to thank you all for your comments. It made me know that there are people out here, out there that care and I’m not alone. I will be OK because I know people are here and there to help me and my meds are being tweaked.

I need to be on my meds so that I don’t “lose” it. I know that. I also know some question my age and my meds. For me, it helps. I think better and can use my coping skills better when on my meds. I feel the same way about my meds that I have before. Honestly, I wish I could stop taking them and didn’t need to take them but I know I can’t.

I take my meds because I choose to. I’m not forced to like one person said. Mom and dad have told me I could stop if I made that choice but I have to make that choice with my doctor if I want to. I don’t want to. I choose to stay on my meds. I want to feel “normal” and be able to think and feel. Not have my mind run away and struggle to find my words again.

To the haters of me on meds and rude comments:
My family loves me very much. They don’t force meds. They offer me love, guidance and support. I need more than that. I NEED meds. They allow me choices and support them even if they don’t agree. ~ Em



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