Another Mountain to Climb

The data is old… so I’m sure it’s a little off either way but to know that in Nov. of 2011 this is what research noted about cutters:

Moran, Patton and their fellow researchers studied a random group of nearly 2,000 school children, ages 14 and 15, in the Australian state of Victoria, from August 1992 through January 2008. Over the course of those 15 years, and on as many as nine occasions, the students answered questions to assess if, and how often, they’d engaged in self-harm. Anyone who answered affirmatively when asked if they’d “ever deliberately hurt yourself or done anything that you know might have harmed or even killed you?” was asked to describe the episodes.

Moran said their answers, and the years of observing them, yielded several important insights:

Self-harm is common, reported by about 8 percent of 14- to 19-year-olds.

At every stage, more girls reported self-harm than boys.

Those who cut, burned or otherwise deliberately hurt themselves were more likely to be seriously depressed or anxious, and to report smoking, drinking or abusing drugs. Similarly, a small subgroup of students who began hurting themselves as young adults were more likely to report having been depressed or anxious as teenagers.

The proportion of young men and women reporting self-harm substantially declined as they aged.

Teenage self-harmers often have “serious emotional difficulties” and need help and support, lest they suffer persistent problems later in life, Moran said. Therefore, he said, adults “living and working with young people” need to be able to spot the signs of “persistent distress.”

WOW! I knew the facts just didn’t realize that close to 10% of our youth are hiding in plain sight. I’m glad Em reached out lest she have more to learn to overcome. Right now, we are struggling but she WILL get through this.


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