Finding Stars in the Dark Series: Intro

So, I’ve found myself in a dark place lately. Trying to juggle it all and not getting anything done that I wanted too. So, I took a mommy time out. I handwrote a few blogs to type in here.

I was talking to a friend and explaining how lost and in the dark I’ve felt lately. Trusting God but still feeling like I’m stumbling along. She told me something very profound. In that moment, it was what I needed to hear.

It’s when you are in the dark though that you can see the stars.

Darkness brings about growth. In my mind. It brings you to a breaking point that you either makes you stronger or broken. Either way, healing begins at some point. So even though these posts from the last few weeks are a little more serious and dark, know that we are ok. We are struggling but we are healing too.

While we don’t know when things will start to look like a sunrise on the horizon, we’re going to stop and look up and enjoy the stars. Like when we moved from a big city to our very small rural community. How the kids awed at the numerous stars in the sky.

Em told us then:

I didn’t know that there were so many stars. I’ve never seen so many stars. They are simply amazing.

So off we go into the land of serious reality. Oh an thanks Christine. I really needed to hear that.


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