Adding New Meds: Batten Down the Hatches

I’ve been sorely neglecting this blog lately. For that I do apologize. We got hit with a little bug running through the house and I have a hacky cough that is driving me insane. I have 2 blogs in the works besides this one. One on service dogs, kind of a PSA thing. Another one was because someone nominated me for a blogging award. I just haven’t been at my computer too much to finish these pieces.

I did want to talk about meds. in this post though. Em is one person that with meds either it works or it doesn’t. She has year round season allergies. Meds differ enough though that she has struggles with drug interactions (due to meds. she is on) or making her feel off. So when we know one works I hate to change it out.

Her allergies were so bad that I called her pediatrician. We opted to try one allergy med. Picked it up from the pharmacy. She took it about a week. She cried to me that she wanted off it after she had two of the worst meltdowns she’s had in over a year and an elopement issue. After a discussion we figured the new med. was causing her extreme agitation and making it hard for her to focus and figure out how to use her coping skills.

So after a call back the pediatrician we switched her to a new one. Thankfully it works wonders for her allergies and doesn’t interfere with her other meds. This is a challenge anytime we go to switch a med or adjust a med or add new meds into the mix.

Hoping to be up to finish the other blogs this week and get back to a daily post! I miss writing!


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