Don’t Forget Us

Sometimes the hardest things in our lives, is knowing when you aren’t included in family and close friends get-togethers. For whatever reasons. These are the people that you would hope would love you unconditionally all the time. These are the people you would hope and pray would be there for you and understand you when you need them to the most, especially family. Even if we have to decline for whatever reason the lack of feeling like attempted inclusions hurts.

Sometimes we say no because it conflicts with an appointment or therapy session. Sometimes we say no because we are too drained or Emelie is. Sometimes we say no because we know what a strain it is on our kids in certain environments. Sometimes financially we just can’t. And it hurts us to always have to decline.

Yet there are those times, we just say, you know let’s try. Let’s see what happens. We can always leave early. We can always make an effort. Sometimes it’s the best thing ever and Em surprises us and other times we know there is still work to be done.

This is often the loneliest walk. Friends and family members don’t know what to say, so they either say nothing or try to ignore what’s going on, slowly drifting away. I’d rather spend hours in a conversation trying to help someone understand and make an effort (and God knows I have) than to be… ignored like we don’t exist.

For you families out there dealing with this, you are not alone. We get you. You can always come here and share your triumphs (we get those delayed milestones and the little things others don’t always understand). Tell us your stories and we’ll cry with you and laugh with you. You will always be good enough here.

For those of you on the other side looking in trying to learn. Keep trying. Keep trying to reach out. Don’t walk away from us. Because it will hurt us more in the end if we don’t think we matter to you anymore. We are just taking our lives in baby steps and trying to find that balance.


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