Em Gives Me a Lesson

I’ve been thinking lately. I know, that’s dangerous for me to do. Why do we (Em and I) do what we do? Why are we so passionate about what we do? Who are we to teach others? I’m sure you can get the idea of the track of our thought process. So I wanted Em’s take on this. After all, this is about OUR journey with her.

Em’s answer to the very first question made us (Matt and I) chuckle when I talked to her tonight. And then it got real.

Me: Why do we want people to be more positive?

Em: What’s the point of being negative?

Ask a simple question to a literal thinker like Em and she will give you a literal answer.

She continues:

Because it just makes you have a harder life if you are negative and are always grousing about stuff. It makes you enjoy life less and you don’t appreciate the good things around you. It makes everyone’s life around them miserable.

So I asked her, WHY do we teach others about you? About Autism?

Em: By my telling them what is going in my head it shows them that I have a full range of emotions. It might help others get through life knowing they aren’t alone and that people care for them.  I have a voice. I use it. Because then others can understand me better. Because if they can understand me better then maybe they can understand someone like me better. By using my voice I hope that I am encouraging others. I hope they learn to use their voice too. It makes me feel happy to think about that.

Then I asked her, HOW would you feel about not doing this stuff anymore?

Em: **Paused to think about it** I honestly don’t know. I want to keep doing it. My heart is too big so I want to share my heart. I met a lot of incredible people doing this and they inspire me. They say I inspire them. And that makes me happy. Maybe a few feet of happy. I don’t know how big happy is.

So that gave me hope. I do this FOR her. I do this because I want to make life better for her. Surrounding her with happiness and hope along the way. I want to make life better for anyone who is struggling. While I may not be rich in finances, God knows I’m rich in love and hope and faith for her future.

Emelie has spoken. Put the negativity away. Find something to be happy about. And learn to be kind to those around you. Pretty simple but accurate. And a direction that I could only dream of guiding her.



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