Emelie is Using Her Voice: A Blog From Em

What a difference a year has brought upon us. Last year we were fraught with debilitating fear and anxiety. Stress the incapacitated Em to the point she fought us on going to school. She finally adjusted and by the time school came she was excited but couldn’t verbalize her thoughts or first impressions. This year, WOW is all I can say. She has first impressions that she is willing to share and has words for. She can express her anxiety and the difference between last year and this year. And more. This is a LEAP for her. A huge leap and Matt and I both see this year not only as full of hope but also growth and success.

Em will be challenged and pushed. She is going to struggle. But I see the team of teachers she has this year surpassing last year’s dream team to become the ideal dream team. We had to adjust her IEP plans about core classes in the morning but, I think in the end between the teacher’s personalities and classes she is going to thrive and fly more than I dare to hope and dream.

So without more from me… Here is Em’s post. And it’s a LONG one for her. Mostly about school but at the end she puts some other stuff out there. Enjoy!

Em’s Post~

I’m not afraid or scared to go to school this year. I was anxious some because I wanted to meet my teachers, see who I got and what my schedule looked like. I was nervous because I was scared of some teachers I would get. I wanted a change and didn’t want some of the same teachers. They weren’t bad just we didn’t get on the same page. I didn’t get to know them as well as some of the teachers I was hoping to get this year. I knew a lot of the teachers for this year because I saw them in the halls and I talked to a lot of them. I also heard other students talk about them and how they made them feel.

Some of the teachers left the school so we have some new teachers. But, they don’t seem to be in my schedule too much. I went to the “Meet the Teacher” night last night and I felt better after seeing my schedule and who my teachers are. I’m really excited for school now and ready to learn. Mom asked if I was ready to get “my learn on”. I told her to never say that again.

So here’s how I see my teachers right now:

Mrs. W. (Resource Teacher): I had her last year. I love Mrs. W. She tries to get me and understand. She helped me A LOT. She’s really nice. She’s pregnant. I’m not nervous for when she leaves to have the baby. She’ll do her best and pick a good sub. No one can replace her.

Mr. W. (Gym and Health): He’s a new teacher. I didn’t get to meet him. He wasn’t there. So I’m not too sure about him.

Mrs. O. (Math, Social Studies, and Spanish): She’s fun and cool. She eats lunch with the kids in the cafeteria. I know her from last year when I ate lunch with her last year. She’s got a great reputation with the kids and she’s the mom of my High School girl that I got to know as my 6th grade camp counselor.

Mr. S. (Math): He’s serious. He keeps routines. He’s very serious. He reminds me of one of my first resource teachers, Mr. K. (different from the one we’ll talk about later). He hates snakes. When he was a kid he had a live snake thrown at his face. He really hates snakes. I’m not sure about him mainly because he hates snakes. I think we’ll get along and he’ll be good for me, maybe.

Mrs. G. (Choir): She’s the new choir teacher. She seems very nice and spunky and patient and sorta confused since she’s really really new.

Mrs. H. (English Language Arts aka ELA):  She’s fun. She’s nice. She’s caring. I know her a little bit from last year when she helped me figure out and work through some problems in school. I like her a lot.

Mrs. D. (Exploring Art): She seems really nice and she helped my one friend who graduated learn a lot about art. I’m excited to have art with her and learn all kinds of stuff.

Mr. E. (Science and Homeroom): He is very fun, cool, awesome, amazing and he has a pet snake for the classroom. His classroom is right across the hall from Mr. S. This could be fun. I talked to Mr. E. for about an hour last night. We have a lot in common with Mr. E and he is very easy to talk to. He’s my second favorite teacher ever.

Mr. K. (New Principal): He’s COOL. He’s a new person to the school and he seems to want to be there for every student for every reason and need and wants to hear both sides of everything. That is cool.

I’m also starting confirmation classes at church this fall. I start them in about 2 weeks. I’m excited to start so I can get confirmed. I’ll learn more about God and explore my faith. My class will be small so I’m relieved. It makes me feel good to know I’m not the only one but there aren’t a lot of kids either.

Also, I have a new favorite show. It’s about history. It’s called Horrible Histories. It gives historical facts in a funny way that makes it interesting. It makes it very interesting.


And there you have it. Em has “spoken”. It’s hard sometimes to look at her and realize she’s 13 and a 7th grader. We’ve come a long way. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.



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