There Will Be Mountains

Emelie faces mountains every day. She has taught me how to persevere and overcome. We support her and gently nudge her and she rises to the occasions, even if we get a meltdown from time to time. She is teaching me as we teach her.

Yesterday, I saw her overcome a meltdown, try to understand the difference between anger and frustration, and swim in a lake. These are things that she really struggled with at one time. The meltdown was in the van. It took her a few minutes to understand that she was misinterpreting frustration and substituting anger for it. Then she struggled to understand the difference. As for swimming, it was in a lake. Lots of things there that she has aversions too.

Once upon a time, she told me she couldn’t swim in a lake. There are fish in there. There is nasty feeling muck at the bottom and seaweed creeps her out. It all made her “skin crawl” as she put it. Yet, in order to swim around her, it’s a lake or pay to go to a pool in another community. She knows our finances (and time) are tight so she opted for the lake.

She went with Christian last week. It was OK she said. Yesterday, we all went without Matt. Daddy was still working. Once we handled the meltdown and tried to explain the difference between frustration and anger, she walked into that water like a pro. She floated. She swam. She splashed. She had a blast.

To top it off, she was sensory seeking so she’d come out of the lake and lay wet on the sandy beach. She did that a few times. The last time she came out of the water she was done. I got her towel ready for her like she asked and we wrapped her up. After we got in the van, she curled up and fell asleep, with her weighted wrap around her.

Sometimes it’s about remembering how far they have come in the midst of how far they struggle to go. There will always be mountains to climb. Sometimes it’s good to just stand on the summit though and look back and see how far you’ve already climbed instead of worrying about the next peak.





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