Weighted Blankets and Emelie

So, this last week I’ve been a little busy trying to figure out the calendar of events for our household and take a laid back approach to the 4th of July. This week though, my mother in law and father in law dropped off a new weighted blanket for Miss Emelie. She’d outgrown the ones she had.

Emelie has always struggled with sleep issues. From the day we brought her home from the hospital. Babies love to be swaddled and held. Most do. She wasn’t any different. But she was. She had to be swaddled tight. She had to be held. She couldn’t calm herself. Sleep was bursts. Matt and I were often functioning on little to no sleep.

Things didn’t get better as she got older. We struggled to help her sleep. And then the school nurse in the district we lived in at the time asked if we’d ever considered a weighted blanket. We had, but unfortunately they were too expensive. We were fortunate that the home economics department made one for Em. That was when she was at the end of 3rd grade. She was so relieved.

Matt and I saw a change immediately in her sleep patterns. She calmed quicker. She could calm herself down. She still struggled some with sleep but the weighted blanket has overall made a difference for Em. All because the district nurse at the time was once a former mental health nurse and understood our struggles.

Something as simple as a heavy blanket helps her. It doesn’t work for everyone. And there are days it doesn’t help her. Yet we love to see this girl sleep and not toss and turn. We love to see the angelic look on her face when she is at peace and rest.

This is a topic we do revisit from time to time. A topic that never gets old, The Weighted Blankets and sleep. I stumbled across this article/blog about them. Calming the Senses with Weighted Blankets  It explains a little more about how it works for them and how to make one.

One thing to stress, the weight of the blanket DOES depend on the child AND you should ask a therapist/doctor. And the weight percentile is still in debate too. I’ve read 10% to 15% of body weight and the 10% + 1 pound. There is a pattern and pictures attached. Hope this answers any questions I haven’t.


One thought on “Weighted Blankets and Emelie

  1. I adore my blanket! It would have been wonderful to have it when I was younger; I got mine for I think my 24th birthday. I love it so much that I got two smaller ones for using at home during the day. I’m happy to hear it works for her 🙂

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