Hey Moon! Go Pull On Someone Your Own Size, PLEASE?!?!!

I used to be skeptical about the “full moon” affect. I used to think, it’s just another day. That was, until Emelie came along. Then I noticed that she has 3 days before and 3 days after a full moon that are off. And the day of the full moon, she is all over the place. There were highs and lows.

I thought about it some. If the lunar pull can affect our tides, why can’t it affect people that are more in touch with the environment around them? Em is super sensitive to the environment around her. Noises most can’t hear, she can hear. Lights that are certain wattages are too bright for her. Temperature and humidity all affect her. So why wouldn’t a lunar pull? After today, any doubt that may have been remaining is GONE.

Today was just an off day to begin with. And her allergies are like mine, full force and not giving up. She came home from the sleepover and Christian said she was in a pretty good mood. That was until she lost her contact. She was rubbing her eye and it popped out. She was rubbing her eye due to crazy allergies. Normally she’d cry and that would be the end of it. I’d get a call at work and be able to talk them through what all our options were.

Christian and Emelie got into a loud yelling match that kept escalating. She got mad and ran. She ran away from home and from Christian. She ran the library. In my mind I’m screaming “NO!” but realized she went someplace she felt safe. Books are safe. Progress is good.

She finally came home. She was angry at Christian. She thinks he focuses on everyone but her. Far from it in reality. He gives up a lot for her and just spoiled her completely rotten earlier in the week. She is struggling I think with the transition from school to summer and everything in between. But running away hasn’t been an issue in over a year. Well over a year.

So that is out of the normal realm for her. She spent the afternoon frustrated and angry. And pretty common for Full Moon days. She was extra sensory seeking and there is a small carnival in town this weekend to celebrate summer. Em rode on spinning whirling rides and loved every minute of it. Until she rode the last one. It was too much.

Fireworks are tonight and she is on edge. She loves fireworks but tonight, she is done. She is agitated and done. We’ve had a discussion about running away. She understands it’s important to NOT leave the house when she’s upset. She may got to the library but ONLY when she has calmed down and regained composure.

In the meantime, every 29 to 30 days we batten down the hatches and keep it low key. I didn’t think that the moon pulled on her as much as it appears to. Maybe I’m finding something in nothing… but I will err on the side of caution in this particular case.



2 thoughts on “Hey Moon! Go Pull On Someone Your Own Size, PLEASE?!?!!

  1. Seriously, Moon, go pull on someone else for a little bit.

    It’s been weird past few days over here as well!!!!!!

    I think you are right about the pull of the moon impacting our kids. It would be interesting to do a simple study — look at the correlation between our kids moods and the moon’s phases. Granted, all kids on the spectrum are unique — what affects one deeply won’t even remotely bother others — but all that being said, I am fairly confident I could correlate my kiddos’ tougher days with moon phases.

    I’m even willing to bet my own moods might correlate! LOL.

    As always, a thought-provoking, hopeful, honest post, Jenn. As always. ❤

  2. Yep! I’ve lead a parent support gathering for four years. On full moon days I get lots of last minute texts with cancellations, “Can’t make it tonight. Meltdown!” . ASD kiddos are so super sensitive to their environment, it actually makes perfect sense.

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