Emelie Update

Oh what a week last week was. It had been full of progression and regression chacha, the meltdown mambo, the fickle foxtrot and wonders never cease waltz.

The last week of school is always hard for Miss Em. Add an unexpected substitute teacher that she doesn’t get along with well replacing her favorite core teacher and allergies… well it was a difficult week.

She pushed through it though. I got calls about missing a permission slip and Em struggling because of it. Fixed easily. It got better. Went to a movie and it was loud and difficult for her, but she pushed through. And then the icing on the cake came from the substitute teacher escalating a situation that could have easily been diffused had he listened to Em and her peers telling him that she didn’t push a student down. Instead it escalated to the point of her breaking her glasses irrepairably and missing the last half of the day. She stayed with the resource teacher. She was embarassed and remorseful.

Saturday was Matt and my 17th anniversary. It was a busy day. I worked in the morning. Christian worked the afternoon. Em found a new library she LOVES and spent a lot of time there. She worked on self control. She sat in the restaurant, antsy, but doing her best to be on her best behavior. From there we came home and she invited a new friend over and we decided to go to the Graduation party of Miss C. Miss C and Em have a wonderful relationship.

Em and her friend went and played outside on the playground and we managed to have no meltdowns. Not even about leaving. Then we went and picked Christian up and dinner. As we were eating dinner, Em looked at Matt and I and reminded us that we had to get up early for church in the morning. She was GOING!

We clarified which church and it was the one we wanted to join over a year ago. We just agreed and let her lead the way on this. She went to bed and was up and raring to go when we got her up for church. She hopped in the shower and got all dressed up for church. 

When we got there she picked the first pew she found. Right in front of the organ. She did very well during the service. She stimmed a bit. She plugged her ears when the organ played. She LISTENED to the sermon, and it was a sermon put in words she could understand. And when we filled out the registry she wanted to put her name in it and she checked the box that says ~ Want to become a member. We hadn’t filled out that portion yet. PRAYERS ANSWERED.

We talked with the Pastor after church about getting her caught up in confirmation, and there are a few kids needing to get caught up so he’s hoping to put them all in a class this summer! Christian is happy about that too. Lots of people talked to her and she tried to be socially polite. She used her manners and asked nicely if we could leave once I had given the Pastor our information.

She had a great day. That fickle foxtrot feeds the regression/progression chacha and meltdown mambo. They take a lot out of us but when we settle into the wonders never cease waltz, I can honestly say, it’s all worth it.


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