The True Super Heros

Tonight, I’m going to focus on Christian for a moment. Not just Christian though, all the siblings that are considered in society’s viewpoint “normal”. Let me tell you something, most of them aren’t “normal” by any stretch of the imagination. They are wonder kids and super kinds in their own right.

They know that plans they have or family things can change in the blink of an eye. They understand that often it is beyond anyone’s control. As they understand the siblings around them as they get older, they often are more understanding than we, the parents, are. We feel like we let them down at every corner.

They are the ones who tell us it’s ok. We don’t think so. They tell us they understand. Yet, we as parents don’t. They comfort us as we try to hide our disappointment and hurt at what we perceive as another let down. That’s when they remind us of why they are the Super Amazing Wonder Siblings. It doesn’t make the ugly tears stop. It doesn’t make that heartbreak go away. Yet, it shows us a compassion we could only hope to teach tem.

They are the Super Heros!

The deal with the disappoint and hurt, rarely making a peep when the get older. After all that, they do even more. That’s when they go and advocate for them. They fight for them. They love them. They protect them. And they understand them sometimes more than we can ever imagine.

Christian summed it up best once:

It’s the only way I know. It’s my life. It’s my family and I love you and dad and Em.

You see, they just “know”. And yes it sucks they got to be stronger and wiser and protective but I’m bragging. I want you to know they are just as special as our special ones.

Short. Simple. To the point. All because I know some moms and dads out there are struggling right now with this very loop we can’t ever seem to get off of.

Hugs to those moms and dad. Hugs to the siblings. And hugs to the specials ones in our lives.



3 thoughts on “The True Super Heros

  1. You know it is ironic that you wrote this tonight. I needed a letter of recommendation for Joey. His teacher wrote the nicest compliments about him, the best one being that he often helps the kids in his class who have special needs better than anyone else and he has enough patience with them avoid conflict. You are so right. The sibs of those with special needs are super wonderful kids and I think it was just meant to be that way.

  2. Jenn, you write so beautifully. This is a subject I’ve actually been meaning to address on Care for Rares for a while now – a second feature to go along with the Prince/Princess of the Day feature, one featuring the Super Siblings. Three cheers (or maybe three thousand!) for Christian and all the Super Siblings!

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