Emelie’s Memorial Day Message

Em has a message for you today.

Memorial Day is where we celebrate those who die for this country. That makes it special. Because they cared about freedom and it’s future. We should honor them and remember them. We should celebrate their sacrifices. Tell their stories and remember the history.

(Thanks mom for helping me find the words and understand it better)


Mom note: Wow. I haven’t had to do a mom note in a while for her.  She thought she understood Memorial Day but didn’t want to offend anyone if she wasn’t right. So Matt and I helped her by explaining the history of Memorial Day and our personal heros in our families.

Then she was able to dictate that message. Sometimes with some coaxing/questioning. It’s taking less and less to help her convey her messages. More often it’s clarification.

On that note, Happy Memorial Day!


DSC_1587 (2)



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