Re-Declaring Freedom and Empowerment

So sorry we’ve been Missing in Action. End of school year, Christian getting one of his wisdom teeth removed, Psych. appointment for Em, work, and Christian starting a new job all caught up with us. I am stressed but we’ll get through it all like we always do. BUT I am going to come back with a vengence today to update you on Miss Em. 

This week was a really tough week for her. The end of school year transition is always a tough one. Just like the beginning of the year. She faces old fears again, like they are new fears she’s never conquered. So today, we took her back to the rock from last year and reminded her of what that day last year was. Declaration day on her autism and anxiety; that SHE rules her life and chooses to live it HER way (with God she told me today, YAY). So she stood on that rock and told her autism and anxiety that they will not define her or control her. It took some coaxing but we got there.

Image  Image


The psychatrist appointment went well. We dropped the Omega3 in a manner. We put her on a prescription that is very new on the market but has had some REALLY good results. It’s a type of O3 but very concentrated form and since it’s being regulated it will be consistently accuarte for mg/capsule. Just started that. Now we wait to see if it works as well or better. All in all, we are very proud of Em’s progress even though we notice areas of regression. We think that the regression ties back to the previously mentioned transition stuff. Em asking for help and actually trying to communicate her perceived needs is a step that takes years to see. Even is her perceived need isn’t exactly what it is, we can work on it and get her to a point of employing a coping tool that works for her.

We’ve seen a few meltdowns this week. I’m sure next week will be… interesting. I have a feeling it’s going to go well but not without a lot of hiccups and coaxing. She has a school camp Wednesday – Friday (two nights overnight) and I’m very nervous for her. There is one teacher out there I know can read her and read her well, so hopefully the drama and meltdowns and overload are at a minimum. There isn’t much down time for her and we’ve had to discuss how to cope… she’s not allowed electronics ~ no one is. That rules out her iPod to tune out the chaos around her. I’m not sure what their plan is. We are taking a wait and see approach. So….. ….. Time will tell.

Today, some of the photos of Christian and Em together were the best I’d ever gotten… and some were also full of their personality and comedy.

Image   Image





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