Guest Post Friday: Brooke’s Post

I love following pages on Autism. It helps me see my daughter better. Things I may not have seen before I sometimes see clearer through others eyes. Over at Autism – Seriously,, Brooke has shown me some things. I was so happy to connect with her and even though we don’t talk to each other she agreed to do this guest post thing. I hope you can learn to love her style the way I did.


Autism: Mr. H Style

Trying to put Autism in a box would have about the same effect as putting a frog in a sock – the frog is going to get ticked off and jump around like it’s nobody’s business. When anyone tries to put my boy in a stereotypical box, well, I get ticked off and jump around like it’s nobody’s business. I often get bombarded with know-it-all comments disguised as questions:

“Oh, so he lines everything up?”
“Oh, so he is obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine”
“Oh, so he likes to the wear the same colour everyday?”

The answer to all of these questions is “NO”. My brand of Autism is as unique as each person on this planet is unique. There is no neat little package in the world of ASD. People like to compartmentalize Autism because that is how they make sense of their world. Autism is not necessarily something that needs to be understood and pinpointed down to a fine calculation. It is the child who has Autism that needs our understanding, which means stepping outside of the box, stomping on it and going along for the ride of a lifetime. It’s tough and it’s unpredictable but it’s also overwhelming loving and special.

There is no one like my Mr. H. He can be downright hilarious, after all, who doesn’t want to be snuck up on and bitten on the bum or belly with needle like little teeth? He can be downright cranky, you know the type, one minute he’s 7 years old, the next minute he’s a 95 year old man who has been waiting in the doctor’s office for too long. He can be loving with cuddles, kisses and smiles. He can be angry when his non-verbal communication is not getting across and he is at a loss at what to do. He can become downright manipulative when he is trying to steal the cables from my computer or out of the back of the television. He can become very amused when songs are being sung on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the Super Mario music is chiming from my Nintendo DS.

I can be hilarious, cranky, loving, angry, manipulative and amused too. I may not run around biting people on the bum but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it. I’m 34 and I still thing farts are funny, particularly when they come from Mr. H in the bathtub. Whatever Mr. H and I can be the honesty in our relationship is there. We can expose our love and our foibles to each other without judgment. Some days are not great and are full of tears but whatever Mr. H can be, he is mine. All mine.
If you are on Facebook go check her out and send her some love!


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