World Autism Awareness Day

April is upon us. It is Autism Awareness month and April 2, 2014 is World Autism Awareness Day. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Autism Speaks but that was a post for another time and place. If you put all the controversy aside, this is an AMAZING time to bridge the gap of lack of understanding and knowledge. It’s the time to tell our stories. It’s the time to share the real side of Autism. It’s the time to share the good, the bad, the real life with Autism.

In light of all the campaigns out there, pun intended, you may see people lighting it up blue/dressing in blue.  Or Gold as Au = Autism and if you were to look at a periodic table of elements the AU is Gold. Others are sporting rainbows and puzzle pieces or a combination. The campaigns all have the same focus: bring Autism to the forefront.

We aren’t picky here. Em chose blue OR purple as her colors for Autism awareness so that’s what we are doing. All we want is for Autism to have a REAL image. Not just all the bad news or negatives. Not the misinformation floating through the internet or partial facts. Not misconceptions but rather families coming forward and telling their stories.

For us, we exude an attitude of HOPE. There isn’t a right or wrong to celebrate today. It isn’t about the campaigns. It’s about the thought behind them. to bring about awareness, understanding, and acceptance.



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