Media: Negative or Positive? Where’s the Balance?

Media. One word that can invoke terror and inspiration. The media is a double edged sword in our society. Too often though, in certain areas they bring more chaos and fear and forget to temper it with the “other half”. And it’s not ALL media. I’d hate to disparage the media that does show good AND bad. Unfortunately, they thrive on stories that bring about sensationalized emotions.

We’ve all done it. We’ve turned on the news, opened a newspaper, clicked on a newsite online and see all the doom and gloom. War is about to break out. Politicians are lying again. Or about teachers who abuse their positions. Seems to be if you believe the news there is murder and mayhem everywhere. If you search hard enough, you may find maybe one or two stories of hope or inspiration for every dozen or more about the negative around us. No wonder we are a society that struggles to see the good around us.

I remember growing up being told that there are two sides to every story. That’s not what I want to focus on, as I know there are evil people and situations out there. What I want to focus on is how we should shift the focus. There are stories of people doing selfless acts and paying it forward. There are teachers that are going above and beyond to ensure their students have the tools to succeed. There are people going into these war zones and help the lost, injured and helpless at risk of their own lives. Politics in itself is a mine field, but show everyone equally and fairly. Don’t take sides and just report the facts.

If we must sensationalize the stories, let’s make them the feel good, positive and happy ones. And we as a society can demand these things. Let’s reward the media outlets that do that. Let’s pay attention to the media that reminds us of the humanity instead of the skullduggery. Let’s embrace a positive outlook and remember that even when there is turmoil, we can find a ray of hope if we look hard enough.

We as a society should also focus on sharing the positive stories as well as the ones that bring concern to us. Go ahead and share that piece that makes you mad and angry. Don’t forget to share one that brings you joy and happiness too.

Let’s shift the focus away from negativity and bring about some positivity. And if we can’t do that, at least let’s start to see some balance between the two. Ok. I’m off my soapbox now!


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