Backdooring Accomadations?

So today is Em’s IEP. Em was asked to come to it by her resource teacher. She never did tell me what she told her teacher. Matt and I had already discussed whether or not to have Miss Em come or not and decided that she really should only be there for the very beginning. Just to make her opinion on how she thought the year went and what she’d like to see for next year. Em really doesn’t want to go or be there.

While getting Matt from work last night, she rode with me. I had time after work to come home and change and grab her as I wanted to have a conversation with her about the IEP. I know that she doesn’t like these meetings and there is a very good possibility she WILL not say everything, if she says anything at all. Group of more than 3, not happening. Advocate parents to the rescue.

I love when she surprises me with her beautiful little insights. She wants to have the same accomadations for next year as this year. That way she can still push herself but at the same time have a “safety” net in place. She ideally will have these accomadations in place through High School if we have our way. We are going to focus on the sensory processing side of things and anxiety as they don’t see her as “Autistic enough” for educational accomodations. One of the perks of being “High Functioning” is that the expectations sometimes outweigh the capabilities.

I don’t know what to expect during this IEP but am grateful that Matt will be there with me. He is hard to “control” sometimes but if push comes to shove, we will be heard. They may not give Em the tools for her autism but with her anxiety and SPD it gives us a little more push when it comes to shove.

Sometimes comorbid diagnosises are a blessing in disguise because if you cannot get them to hear you for one thing, you just backdoor the accomadations in if you can for the other aspects. Not how anyone wants to do stuff but hey, a parent has to do what a parent has to do.

More on this later. The ongoing saga of today!


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