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Oh where to start. Girls, young ladies, and women all struggle with body issues and image at some point in their lives, if not most of their lives. They are constantly comparing themselves to the twiggy images splashed across media outlets and/or comparing themselves to their friends and classmates/coworkers. Listening to the “lies” they tell themselves or hear from others around them.

Girls on the spectrum are no different. In some ways they are more at risk for viewing themselves in a negative light. They buy into believing that they can’t possibly be beautiful. Or believing they are less than they are. Sometimes they find themselves often more desperate to fit in than others.

See the trick with any girl is to get them to SEE the beautiful person they are. It’s about getting them to see and acknowledge their beauty inside and out on their own. Without that they struggle with the belief that they are gorgeous and worthy of the accolades.

Why am I addressing this? I was getting concerned with Em’s preoccupation with image. It was almost bordering on obsessive. I want Em to SEE herself as beautiful as she never believes us. And up until the other night she never had.

ImageShe was willing to do the photos when I explained we needed to update our Facebook page cover photo. She started to have fun and wanted to show off a different side. She WANTED her photo taken. This is the same girl that ALWAYS fights me to do photos.
 And then when she looked and SAW the photos she GASPED. Her words that followed but cut me to heart to think how she had been seeing herself and moved me to tears when I knew she FINALLY had see what we have been all along.

She said:

Mom. Had you told me a week ago I’d let you take my photo and have fun with it. I wouldn’t have believed you. And if you would have told me that I’d be gorgeous and beautiful. I would have thought you were just being mom. And if you’d told me that I’d see myself and believe that you were right and I am gorgeous and beautiful, I’d have cried and laughed at you. BUT LOOK!!!! I’m BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for showing me how you and daddy and others see me.

Since then she’s taken more of an interest in how she looks but in a good way. Not that crazy obsessed way. She is planning out what 


she wants to wear and why, looking for a balance in comfort, fashion and functionality.

Body image isn’t just about girls though. It translates to boys, young men and men alike. It isn’t just a “girl’s thing”. We often find images and ideas that portray and embrace unrealistic and attainable ideals for human beings in the general population. And until we challenge and change that image t

he Marilyn Monroe sized women who are curvy and beautiful will try to be someone who is a size 0.
Guys will continue to try and get that 6 pack when they have a healthy body.

I used to be a size 0. I was unhealthy and unhappy. I didn’t see the beauty I had. I kept reaching for something I already had. Once I found my inner beauty and started to embrace who I was. I learned to embrace my curves, accept my curves and love all my assets as a person.  I’m real and I’m beautiful. My daughter finally sees her beauty. Can you find yours?


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