No Thank You and Shame on Us

We’ve been called Supermoms. We are looked at by our friends who get it as Invincible. OK… Not all of them but a fair few. Then there are those who are in our shoes and we are back in High School. The ones who should show more kindness and compassion, but instead make empty promises to support us, to be there for us and tear us down when we need them most. These are the ones that are almost unforgiveable and hurt the most.

I’m at the point in my journey, where I just don’t have time for that drama. You don’t have time for me, I don’t have time for you. One shot and if you are not reliable. I do things my way. If you are a spectrum momma (or daddio) I’m there for you. However, I won’t watch you tear those around you in the the same boat down. It hurts when it happens to me, but I get over it. However, when I watch it happen to my friends who are newer in their journey. Who are strong in their own right, but still looking for a support system that is reliable, I get angry and frustrated. Shame on us for not building each other up and no thank you to insincere support. Be genuine. We are ALL needing others to understand the complications of our journey.

Autism doesn’t fit into a box. Neither do we as the caretakers and parents. Our needs are varied and our emotional states vary as well. We struggle to fit in with parents who should understand. We bicker about the dumbest things and we enter into a popularity contest of who’s blog can be followed by more people or who’s page is better. Not all of us. In fact, I’ve run into a LOT of them that aren’t. Yet there are a fair few that will say or do anything to get recognition. They CRAVE that attention and some will inadvertently hurt others in the process.

I think some of us have grown to big for our own britches and need to wake up and look around us. That was us a time ago. That IS us. Would we want to be shoved aside with placations and empty words? No. We are human. We want sincerety and support. We want someone to be honest with us. Even if they don’t agree. We want civility. We want to be acknowledged and heard.

We aren’t that different from any other human being on this planet. So, I ask of you now… No matter where you are in your journeys. No matter if you can relate or not. Treat every human you meet with kindness, respect and honesty. We need each other. Otherwise, someday, when you are looking for kindness, respect and honesty… you may find yourself alone.


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