Which Road Is Taken: Respect or Judgement?

The definition of welfare is the state of doing well especially in respect to good fortune, happiness, well-being, or prosperity. Therefore to look out for someone else’s welfare is to look out for ways to help them with blessing, happiness, well being and that the essential things in life are taken care of.

The defintion of respect is to consider worthy of high regard. Therefore to respect someone, it’s best to treat them how you’d WANT and EXPECT to be treated.

In order to maintain the welfare of someone that you value, as a person, human being, family member or friend, treating them with respect is essential. In fact it’s in the bible that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. Unless we devalue and don’t respect ourselves to maintain our own welfare, it would be wise to respect others.

When it comes to children like Emelie, who are unique and have an innocence about them, it’s our responsibility to ensure that their welfare should be of utmost importance. It shouldn’t fall squarely on one parent or their immediate family. It is worthy of everyone to be mindful of it because someday they will grow up and become members of society in some capacity. Some will integrate and be unrecognized for the previous selves yet still having what is considered a “hidden” or “unseen” disablity. Others will need obvious help and lifelong assistance.

Unfortunately WISDOM doesn’t grow on trees nor can it be given. Someone has to freely reach out to learn and grow to gain wisdom. Wisdom comes with education to overcome fears, ignorance, differences and things we don’t understand. People have to be WILLING to HEAR what is being said. Often though, they nod their head while listening yet never hearing a word being said. Then when we are frustrated for repeating the same information for the umpteenth time, they get annoyed and sometimes get angry.

While understanding may not always come with wisdom, wisdom’s definition alone is basically to use good sense and manners, showing care and compassion. Granted, fools claim to have wisdom and knowledge… but a wise man will know when to hold his tounge and keep his thoughts to himself. So what do you do when the welfare of someone you respect is being threatened?

There comes a time to hold your tounge and also a time to be heard. Such a time is hard to discern, but knowing that the welfare of one that will reach and teach and spread love and kindness with grace and mercy, perhaps then is the time to speak your mind and be heard. Speak to those who WILL listen AND hear. Find ways to advocate and make it known. Just keep trying, as difficult as it may be.

The key is to do it with kindness and love. And to those out there that judge those with unseen disabilities: I don’t care how OLD you are or how much you’ve seen or what was done in the past. It doesn’t give anyone the right to hurt or be judgemental toward someone. Especially those you barely know; and trust me if you are treating family like that ~ you barely know them. My wish for you is to take the time to understand, take the time to ask the RIGHT questions, THINK before you speak and above all quit passing judgement as you are not directly in our shoes.


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