Emelie’s Take on Empowering

Jenn and Emelie in the backyard.

Emelie calls empowerment: finding your voice. So we talked tonight. This is her takes on the importance of kids like her (ones the don’t fit in a box or mould) finding their voice. So few words… yet so profoundly said.

I asked her why was it so important to her that kids like her find their voices? Why is it important to them too? Em told me that it’s so they don’t feel stupid or wierd and that no one cares.

I asked her then about what happens when that voice is found? She was matter of fact in her response. She said it makes us stronger. You begin to know people care. As you keep getting stronger and seeing things you didn’t before you get happier.

I was puzzled by something. I asked Em about the caring part. I told her that she knew people cared for her and yet she says it only became more obvious when she found her voice. She told me that while you know people care, it doesn’t always feel that way. When I asked her to explain that more, she shook her head and looked up at me.

This is why I love my daughter. She told me she can’t explain it. It just is that way. It’s complicated and it hurts to be in that spot. All I can tell you is that you feel alone. It’s too complicated to explain more than that.

So there is the take of a spectrum child who found her voice reaching out to teach others to find theirs (and empower them in the process).


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