Cookie Cutter Kiddos? Really?

When I grew up, things were different. We played dodgeball. Someone wins the games. We prized individuality. We valued uniqueness. And yes we had our feelings hurt and our share of bullies. Yet, somehow, most of us survived and were stronger for it.

Now we want every child to get an award. Every child is expected to fit into a box. We are raising a society of cookie cutter kiddos who cannot problem solve, think for themselves half the time and have serious entitlement issues.

We need to switch it up a bit. We need to assist these kids to gain some real life skills. Skills that allow them to develop as individuals. That teach them to be a problem solver. To look for solutions that aren’t necessarily inside a box or near it for that matter. To compete for better grades and solutions to problems that plague our society. Learn to communicate and work through a situation. Work in a team and alone. To be willing to stand up on their own two feet.

We do that by encouraging them to go against the grain. To follow their hearts. To empower them. To say NO to them occassionally and fight for them ONLY when we need to for their safety. Allow them to fall sometimes. To teach them to dream. To challenge them.

What we need to do is to teach them to think for themselves. Empowering them to become productive members of a society that can change their world. Instead of relying on generations in front of them to carry them and tell them solutions without looking into them. They need to learn to look at a big picture and the miniscule details at the same time.



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