Shrekify Your Inner Fiona Ogre

I have to admit I wasn’t always a fan of Shrek. However my kids LOVED the movies (and now the musical). I loved the music but couldn’t wrap myself around the story. No matter how hard I tried. I think I was blind to the plot that the story was trying to present. Until today.

In our lives, we are always waiting. Waiting for the perfect something. The perfect man (or woman). The perfect day. The perfect time to do something. The perfect job. The perfect house. The list is neverending. Just like Fiona trapped in that tower, WAITING. Saying today was going to be the day.

I’m not a big fan of fairy tales because often it portrays the “princess” in a situation she needs to be rescued from. What if Fiona HADN’T waited and climbed out of that tower by herself. Sure she’d have had to deal with the dragon but we all have dragons in our lives. They are the obstacles that hold us back.

Some of us our dragons are our circumstances that we are pushing against. Some of us (like Emelie) it’s our health and emotional situations. Some of us it’s time. No matter what our dragon is we need to be Donkey and Shrek like and push through. Sometimes it’s finding the silver lining in the big picture. Sometimes it’s balancing a budget to the best of our ability or asking for help. Sometimes it’s finding tools and getting the help we need. Sometimes it’s figuring out that we just have to do it or we may never do it.

Once we get past those dragons we have to keep moving forward. Dwelling on what held us back or way or how we felt about it won’t change the fact that we are who we are because of the dragons. And just because we get past them doesn’t mean we won’t deal with them again.

And like Fiona, we have to figure out who our true selves are. Are we the ogre we think we are? The monster we perceive? We wear masks to protect our “true” indentity that we are scared to show. Some of us even wear several masks based on the company we keep.

What would have happened if Fiona had let Shrek see her in ogre form early on? We don’t know because the movies/musical doesn’t allow us that luxury. I’d like to think that just like the end when Shrek rushed off to tell her that he loved her and the “magic” that ensued would have happened earlier too. Sometimes I think we make things harder for ourselves all in the name of “protecting” ourselves.

So like Fiona was at the end… I think we owe it to ourselves to embrace ourselves and accept that we are who we are. Not everyone is going to love us. Most people won’t. Not everyone is going to like us. Some will even be indifferent. However those the do like us and love us are the ones that matter and the rest can join Lord Farquaad in the belly of the dragon.

Love yourselves. Embrace both your strengths and weaknesses. Life is too short to wait for that perfect moment. I’m not saying settle for things, but try to find happiness around you.


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