Emelie’s Response to Suzanne Wright

Emelie 10/2013

I’m Emelie!

I am Emelie. I’m autistic. I’m someone that has a future. I have feelings. I may not know who I am yet, but I’m figuring it out.

Those of us, with autism, are special and unique. We all have feelings and whether we can tell them to you or not… we are in there listening to you and hearing you. We just can’t always find the way to tell you.

Autism is NOT a disease. It’s a gift. An epic epic gift. Autism is only a disease if you think it is or treat it like it is.

I know that my autism journey is not the same as someone else but I do know that I have found my voice. I feel like a super hero though. Because I feel like I’m special and unique and have been given this special gift.

Autism to me is a gift. A very special gift that helps me be unique and special. It makes me stronger. I don’t always like or love this gift, but it is part of who I am. I sometimes have to keep trying and working harder than my friends to do things or be places. But you know what, that’s ok. When I get the hang of something, it gets easier and I’m better for it.

Besides… Can you honestly look at me and tell me that Autism is bad? I’m just too darn cute.
❤ Emelie

**** Mom note: Em struggles to put into writing and a comprehensive structure to get a message across. We have found a way that helps Em put out posts. It’s a question answer session. She picks the topic and I help her get all her feelings out by asking her questions. She gives me answers and I write them down in her words. Sometimes she rambles but we go back and rewrite it together working on better word choice in some cases (she is getting a lot better about saying this didn’t sound right…) She is still very determined to let you all know how she feels. After we get it all down, we read it and make sure it has a flow and says what SHE wants it to say. In this particular case, I asked her if she wanted to write a response to the lady who wrote the article. We read and talked about the article and this is the message she took away from the article and what she wanted to say back. It was a tough call to let her read the article but she has a voice she wants to use. These ARE her words. ❤ Jenn



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