Christian’s Response to Suzanne Wright

Christian and Em

She may be my sister… But I am her brother… AND PROTECTOR!

Autism is not some sort of disease that America can fix. Yes autism does affect households but it is the choices you make to help the people who have it. Some autistic children can function without help but if you find the right therapist it will help.

All these things Suzanne Wright has brought up in her article can only be credible to certain children and not all of them who have autism.

To me I see people with autism as happy individuals because they didn’t choose to be that way but yet they embrace it. I am sorry if you disagree or I offend you. But when you try and change someone who was born that way it reflects back towards you, and that you are afraid they are some sort of object that can be changed to the standards that you like.

Different is better so please embrace it.



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